Elemental Artist

“I am manifesting physical space that supports the experience of relearning language.

I want to provide you with the opportunity of returning to a point in life where you do not remember the effects of our culture in the shaping of how we “normally see.”  For me, this point is primordial and timeless – a place of metaphysical observance and clarity of our own cosmic birth.”



“Gilly” is an alien yet lifelike sexy stainless steel sculpture reaching 21' long and 16' high. It breathes fire from both of its mouths and along its back. This multicolored hallucinogenic fire reaches temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees. The combustion to create this effect also has a sound component to compliment the phases of the fire element. It is the mother of “the Twins”.


This sculpture is an homage to the fascination with the “fata morgana” phenomena, and my inspiration of glass, steel, and kinetics. ten years previous to building this sculpture, i had created a smaller version only four feet in diameter. this older version was more of an optical carousel than its predecessor. however, both of these sculptures had similar effects. the central light emission was intermittently captured by revolving focal planes through a wide variety of optics. the resulting projection from the sculpture appears as a shifting light body that revolves around the piece. “Fata Morgana’s” culminating focal plane, is four feet from the outermost lenses. The light body that is projected at this point, circles the sculpture in a twenty-eight foot diameter.


The husk of the portal is a symbol of all directions coming to one point, which is where you will stand when crossing the threshold of two 1000lb ring vessels counter rotating around you. These ring vessels have an enormous range of content, from intelligent lights, steam, fire, water, and fog. The symbols on the rings represent the four elements that they produce. When fire or other vapors are released into the ring vessels they create a tangible elemental wormhole effect that one may, or may not choose to pass through. Your passage and cleansing of fire leads you down the bridge and delivers you back to a different time, space, and point of consciousness.


Slightly larger than your everyday alien mantid, these evolving critters will either sing you to sleep or yap in playful rhythm. expressing synergetic duality, the twins are two entities, each have an appx. 5’ x 5’ horizontal stance and are 6 feet tall from the ground to their horns. they are made of cold forged 16-gauge stainless steel from the bodice to the legs except their horns, which are bronze. both ends of the bodice have masks with horns that pivot when there is ample combustion within its body cavity.


This turbine engine powered fire sculpture brings intense performance combustion to stainless steel moths atop a seating area of low leveling lighting. Le Attrata is a showpiece of metal and fire set in a story. The Fuocco Falene, the fiery beasts of Le Attrata, have been created to consume that which they are attracted to; light and heat. Le Attrata offers a beautiful place of gathering and visceral interaction with fantastic flame effects.


Definition: having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity Divinatrix is a stainless steel fire and water sculpture that uses forced air combustion to create huge amounts of radiant heat, multi colored flames and billowing steam. The fire element of this sculpture sits on top of the basin filled with water, six feet off the ground. The three stainless steel spires can have an intense presence of heat and fire, or calming with only water and/or steam vapor. This sculpture can hold 45 gallons of water. Total height of the fire effect is up to 20+ feet.

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